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Victoria Village Infrastructure Improvements

I and my office have been meeting with city staff on a regular basis to receive updates and impress the importance of communicating work to area residents.  In future, updates to the project will be communicated more frequently and over a larger geographic area.

  • Current work

  1. Storm sewer installation on Carnforth Rd. from Teak Ave. intersection. Teak Ave. is fully closed for safety reasons and the attached notice has been distributed to residents stating closure from Jan. 16 to Feb. 28, 2023. The Contractor has noted that if all goes well, they could have Teak re-opened by February 10th end-of-day. Please note that this date is weather dependent and may change if any unforeseen issues/weather delays are encountered.


  • Expected work in next two weeks

  1. Continued storm sewer installation on Carnforth Rd. from Teak Ave. intersection (see road closure notice details above).

  2. 6 Sulkara service upgrades: The Contractor has put in for locates, but cannot access the property due to material and equipment for the house construction in the way (see attached picture). The Contractor and Consultant will be meeting with the resident this Monday, January 23rd to discuss provision of access to the site and coordination for completing the work. I will confirm the start date for the work with you after the site meeting on Monday.

  3. Sanitary sewer repairs on Anewen Dr. (replacing section of sewer that was discovered to be in poor condition). Sub-contractor is preparing for work starting next week (weather permitting). The Contractor is working to relocate the orange shipping container for the duration of the work on Anewen as well. A couple of closures are expected on Anewen Dr. (see below) and notices will be reviewed with the Councillor’s office prior to issuing them to the residents for the road closure.​

  • Current work

  1. Contractor is installing proposed 450mm RCP storm sewer on Dukinfield Cr. & Slidell Cr. Spill has been noted in Deerlick Creek and is being addressed by all parties (separate email sent by Rachele this morning).

  2. Traffic control measures for oncoming traffic on Dukinfield Cr. and Slidell Cr. as per TCP and approved by the WZTC.


  • Expected work in next two weeks

  1. Proposed Storm Sewer work from DC2 to DC3 on Dukinfield Cr.

  2. Proposed Storm Sewer work from SDCOGS1 to SDC2 on Slidell Cr.

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