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Multiplex Housing in Neighbourhoods

Although Council approved four-plexes this week, I voted against "four-plex" housing. Currently, the Province has mandated tri-plexes. I based my decision on the following factors: 

  • The feedback I received from area residents and community associations

  • The City's Chief Planner being unable to answer how many additional units would be built by allowing four units instead of three

  • The City was unable to say that multiplex housing would be affordable or that it would not drive up the cost of land due to extra rental income

  • The increase in allowable building height to 33 feet and the depth to over 62 feet

  • The likelihood of the Committee of Adjustment allowing variances for greater heights, increased depths, bigger driveways and less greenspace.

This decision changes the intent of our current official plan, the under-pinning of which is to maintain the stability of our neighbourhoods.  Changes to the Official Plan, to this degree, should have rigorous and in person consultations.  I could not support incremental planning changes that alter our community so significantly. However, four-plexes were approved by Council in a vote of 18-7. 
For more information: Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods – City of Toronto

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