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Major Streets Policy

The Major Street study is one component of the City’s Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods (EHON) initiative. This study focuses on permitting gentle density – missing middle housing – on major streets in low-rise neighbourhoods across Toronto. 

Summary of Study

The Major Street study is part of the Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods initiative, which aims to bring more types of housing to Toronto’s low-rise neighbourhoods. This study proposes to permit gentle intensification of residential units in areas designated Neighbourhoods by the Official Plan, along major streets as shown on Map 3  of the Official Plan.

What is a Major Street

Major streets are those transportation corridors which support surface transportation, shipping and delivery routes, and provide connectivity across the city. Major streets are identified on Map 3 – Right-of-Way Widths Associated with Existing Major Streets .

Click here to read updated EHON Major Streets Study presentation deck

more information: Major Streets Study – City of Toronto

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